Does anyone still use HTML tables?


Yes! HTML tables are still widely used, however, they’re mainly used for displaying tabular data. While newer layout techniques such as CSS Flexbox and Grid have become more popular for creating complex page layouts, HTML tables remain a useful tool for organizing data in a structured format. You can create one for free using our HTML table generator.

Some common use cases for HTML tables include:

  • Displaying data in rows and columns, such as financial data, schedules, or product listings.
  • Presenting data in a way that maintains its structure, such as calendars or timetables.
  • Creating simple layouts for email newsletters or transactional emails where complex CSS may not be supported.

While the use of HTML tables for layout purposes (i.e., using tables to control page layout instead of for tabular data) has decreased significantly with the adoption of CSS for layout, tables still have their place in web development for organizing and presenting data effectively.